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Below is a written short explanations of some of the classical astrological philosophies, in my own words. I wrote and shared this as a guidebook for classes I taught, at a local metaphysical shop in early 2020.

Astrology of Geniocide part one

Above is part one of the astrological news of 2021, as it crossed with politics, part two is below with more coming. I created the pair of slideshows to highlight the relation of headlines to the once a century transits the sky was hosting and the sad history surfacing at the same time.. The transits of Saturn Square Uranus of 2021 and the media coverage of the politics of historic genocide of the native people of Canada.

Part Two :

Astrology of Genoside part 2

Above is a astrological study of known celebrity, Seal AKA Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel. I wrote this in 2020.

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